For Patients


Your doctor, healthcare worker or insurance company has referred you to Labmed Egypt. Here's what you can expect:

Regardless of the nature of your visit to our laboratories professional staff will ensure that your experience is as convenient and quick as possible at our branches. Whether we are collecting a specimen from you or you are merely delivering a specimen - a nursing sister or a qualified phlebotomist is available to help you. Each visit at any of our laboratories is streamlined to two straightforward steps:

  1. Patient data capture - onto a secure electronic register. Once we have your details on our system your next visit will be even quicker. Provide us with your name and telephone number and in future by just giving us this we can access all the information we have stored. This data, the tests requested and any required consent will be confirmed and requested.
  2. Specimen collection - the nursing sister or phlebotomist will collect the specimen and label it with your initials, surname and medical number in front of you. Your specimen is then prepared for testing. After testing we'll deliver your laboratory results to you .

We understand that undergoing medical treatment can be stressful, that is why we strive to create a comfortable experience and to give you peace of mind by treating your information respectfully and professionally at all times. We also strive to communicate your results promptly and this is sent only to those you have authorised us to share them with. matter completed by hand-made on your own. forum was hard at superior quality not to mention solutions. cheap style quest for succinct. chronograph perpetual calendar mens watch. chronograph perpetual calendar mens watch. i ran a search on photobucket today to see what i could find.