About MVZ Dr. Eberhard & Partner Dortmund (ÜBAG) – Labmed Egypt Partners

The current MVZ was founded in 1977 by Dr. med. Arnold Eberhard as a doctor’s office for laboratory medicine. Since the foundation the Laboratory Medicine Dortmund has consistently widened its profile and has grown rapidly to an important medical centre in Germany with more than 550 employees. 
In addition to laboratory medicine and microbiological diagnostics a series of new analytical disciplines such as cytogenetics, molecular genetics, molecular pathology and metabolic specialised diagnostics were added. Complementary collaboration with consultants from the areas of human genetics, internal medicine, endocrinology, diabetology, rheumatology and consultants for paediatric and adolescent medicine has transformed the original Laboratory Medicine Dortmund into a modern Medical Healthcare Centre (German: MVZ) that offers laboratory diagnostics as well as therapy for patients in a regional professional association (German: ÜBAG). 
Laboratory medicine at MVZ specifically provides laboratory medical analytics for resident doctors, for hospitals, universities, clinical studies and companies. 
The specialised diagnostics offered by the MVZ are in demand throughout Germany and from abroad. Thanks to our comprehensive competence and quality standards test material for analysis reaches us from France, Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Australia, VAE and many others.
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