A: Most test results are ready by the next day. However, availability may vary depending on the type of test.
A: This is dependent upon the type of blood tests ordered. Your physician should tell you if the test(s) require fasting (no eating, drinking, gum chewing, etc.). If you are unsure, please contact your physician or ask our laboratory personnel.
A: Please take your medication unless your doctor gives you specific instructions not to do so.
A: You’ll find the instructions on the collection container that is given to you.
A: Labmed Egypt has many locations. For your convenience, you can chose from any of our Labmed Egypt Satellite Locations. We offer a variety of locations and convenient operating hours.
A: Urine is the most common specimen type because drugs are cleared out of the bloodstream primarily by the liver and kidneys and eliminated through urine.
A: Prices vary according to type of test done. Please feel free to ask for our special rates at the reception or on our hotline.
A: No you don’t have to. First off we can always arrange for you to pick up the results from the nearest branch next to you. And if you wish, you may request to get The results delivered to your doorstep. And soon our new IT platform will allow you and your physician to access your health information at your own Convenience via the internet.
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