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Labmed Egypt Laboratories are unique joint venture of Cairo Scan Company and the German partner Labmed Dortmund GmbH Laboratories. We bring the most skilled professionals in the field, together with cutting-edge technology under one roof to ensure the highest standards of quality care for you. Labmed Egypt is a specialist provider of expertise to help you determine or confirm medical diagnoses through a very broad diagnostic test menu of 8,000 laboratory tests. Our qualified personnel specializing in a wide variety of disciplines, including oncology testing, chemical pathology, molecular testing, infectious diseases, immunology; toxicology, hematology as well as genetic testing - work around the clock to ensure swift delivery of medical results. Think of us as your go-to-people for medical testing. We have the expertise to get to the bottom of a diagnosis quickly and accurately.


Our Mission:
To deliver the highest standards of diagnostic services in the field of the medical laboratory to members of our community.
Our Vision:
To become the preeminent provider of private diagnostic and medical investigative tests across Egypt.
Our Values:

  • Competence: We strive to master what we do. Our goal is to deliver precise results, with an outstanding service, in a timely manner. If the patient is not satisfied, then the job isn’t completed.
  • Respect: Honoring a person’s dignity is a universal human right. The statement holds true even more during illness. We are therefore committed to preserving that right to our patients, our employees and other members of our community alike.
  • Unity: Our people are our greatest asset. We believe that every member of our organization plays a role in the success story. Hence we will continue to foster collaboration, infusing a sense of community and ultimately serving our patients better.
  • Optimism: We are dedicated to building a better, stronger, healthier society to live in. Through better access to health services, higher quality medicine, and good care for patients, we aim to make a small, yet positive contribution for a better Future in Egypt.


From Saturday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm. Open Branches on Friday: Faisal - Maadi - Shoubra 1 - Heliopolis - Soliman abaza

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